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For all of you (and me) who have been having trouble connecting on the Regional Connections, my IT guru has fixed things and you can now post your interest, city, and anything else in the proper region.  If you posted interest and place somewhere else, just add the same note as a “reply” under the province where you want to find others.

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August, 2013

CBC Sunday Morning  just re-ran the Baba Yaga story and my editorial on Radical Resthomes, so welcome to everyone who ends up here for the first time.

I’m a new blogger, so patience is needed by all who visit.  This is a blog, it’s a conversation, it’s a match-making site.  And I’m a novice at everything but the conversation part,

Some advice: Move all over the site.  I have tried to organize it so you can find discussions or locations easily, but often people don’t get my brand of organizing and end up somewhere else.  So move around and add comments to those who say something you like.

I will get comments posted quickly – delay of 24 hours, 48 hours tops, if family’s in from out of town.

If you are looking to hook up with similar minded people in your area, add your email address to your comment.  It’s not a phone call and you can just not reply if you feel uneasy.  But we need to find each other, so make yourself available if you are serious about creating a new living situation.

I will post articles and my own comments from time to time.

Let’s get this thing going… again!  Janet


June 30th, 2013

We have people trying to “find each other” in REGIONAL CONNECTIONS and I have posted some media coverage links in GENERAL DISCUSSION.

As well, there’s an amazing recent article from the New Yorker about a new way of dealing with dementia (HOT TOPICS, When We’re Not Well).  At some point we will have to re-consider our approach to this and to alzheimers.  I am personally dealing with someone in my family with dementia, and feel completely out of my depth.  Hopefully we will have new tools if any of us have to go down that road.


April, 2013

Well, it looks like we have a little movement on our hands…

This Blog is a follow up to the discussion started as a result of the Sunday Edition presentation about the Baba Yaga House in Paris, broadcast on March 17th, 2013. It will hopefully create a new way of living out our aging lives with some grace and excitement.  Yes, I said “Excitement”.  We can slow down, be more concerned about our health, quit those stressful jobs we carried on our backs for so long…. but that doesn’t mean life can’t be exciting.

I encourage everyone to speak their mind here.  We will have a General Discussion for any and all ideas.  And we will have Regional Connections, where like-minded people can find each other and maybe put their own Radical Resthome together.

As the chief bottle washer of the site, I will try and bring out good ideas to everyone and point us all in the direction of interesting endeavors and new resources.  I’m new at this, so if I’m missing something or you have an idea to make the site work better, please contact me at janet@torgeahead.com.

Let’s see where it all leads us!

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  1. A note on costs:
    To date none of the cohousing developments in Canada have received any government or private subsidies. The cohousing development process does not of itself generate below market priced homes. Even though the development process does not include profit if the resident group is the developer, the homes are generally of higher quality with more green-built features then conventional housing, which makes them less costly to maintain and operate, but does contribute to higher initial costs.

    Cohousing homes are typically smaller than conventional homes, so even though the cost per square foot may be somewhat higher than for conventional developments, the total cost may be moderate for the area. The common amenities function as an extension to the private dwelling. Including things like guest rooms, workshops, children’s play spaces and meeting rooms, makes it possible for the individual homes to be smaller without negatively impacting lifestyle.

    An aspect not often considered when looking at affordability is the cost of living. Because of the social structure and access to shared resources, cohousing homes provide opportunities for reducing living costs that are not available in conventional neighbourhoods (such as car-sharing, bulk purchasing, shared child care, etc.). Even subsidized housing in conventional developments will likely have higher living costs than cohousing homes. So, developing a cohousing community contributes to the affordable housing continuum.

    excerpt from Ms. Ronaye Matthew


  2. When I was at Queens University in the 70’s, I lived in a housing coop, Science ’44, in the north division. The kitchen house was central and we all shared food prep and cleanup – so much community with both dining and involvement with about 2 dozen students. I’ve wanted this kind of plan for the future ever since. I also think urban homesteading is a dynamic model for an active life, inventing tools and methods as needed to keep moving. Right now, I’m a college student learning accounting so I’m ready for a role in managing a bigger homestead than my own. I’m thrilled to have finally made this connection after hearing the first Babayaga story last year. I’m in Hamilton and ready to work on our future!

    • I am here for the first time, FINALLY after hearing the baba yaga story on CBC. I shared the story today with friends, AGAIN and hopefully, those I told to google Radical Retirement, will find this place too. ….more quickly than myself. I’m Very excited by all of this.

      • As an only semi literate IT user, I commit my message to cyber space.  I am a Richmond BC resident and starting  next Wed. I will be attending a gathering in Vancouver at simon Fraser U.  about creating community.

         It goes for a half day on Thurs. and the presenters are all govt. and other professionals but I am attending in hope of meeting like minded people.  I have thought long and hard about this senior challenge and know what I want and need, but there are so many versions of suitable set ups and most seem based on an income that I cannot afford, nor do I wish to.  I am aiming for a sharing of interests, strengths, skills and possibly exchange for work and money.  This is ” Baba Yaga” as I understand the concept.  Strong capable, giving and taking according to need and ability. sharezade

      • Good luck to you. I hope you find a suitable, and affordable, community. This is a movement which is gaining strength. A variety of collaborative living choices is emerging. Wander the digital pathways and you will find like minded others. Gerry

      • Hi Jane
        The concept you have is very similar to ours. For us, it’s as much about creating community as housing. Although we would love to do a new building, we know we can actually create smaller units (5 to 8 people in a large house) and link them together with a larger umbrella organization. We are aiming to have the first set up by September next year. In the meantime, we will agree on governance, principles, conflict resolution systems, – relationship issues. We are planning on having both people with savings and those whose income is low on some kind of sliding scale. But we ARE doing this. Less talk, more action!

      • yes, yes and yes. Me too. Senior, same values, who are you, can I get in on some of this? Can you email me directly? (sharon90@telus.net) I’m doing well now on my own but want to consider doing this in the not too distant future. Live in NE Coquitlam beside the Coquitlam River, north of Poco.

  3. With the options for strong minded, independent, free thinkers limited, I am determined to create an option other than protected custody for myself. I am joining this blog…as a Canadian living in South Florida…

    • This video was truly inspirational. Empty nesters tend to live such isolated lives, so imagine a group of individuals coming together in a community – indeed that is what life is supposed to look like.

      • This sounds like a fabulous idea. I love being able to be spontaneous in whatever you chose to do. My gosh,what an amazing concept you have here.
        Anything in the Manitoba area ?

  4. In Montreal much of the space is taken up by the built environment. I wonder if models exist of co-housing in other than new construction? Examples of this would include vacant or underutilised office buildings, factories, garages, commercial space, shopping centres, stables, municipal buildings, recreation facilities, etc. Another consideration would be “senior” or “intergenerational” living….a major decision, I would think. And what about access to the natural world, so difficult in the urban environment, and valuable too!

    • Look for a new book titled CoHousing for its summary of many actual projects completed here and in Europe. There are several existing building adaptations with a key ingredient being the space for a common “house” where a community kitchen and recreation space is housed. Consolidating backyards in existing houses works if the neighbours agree and want to add new buildings in the space created by losing lot lines. One example is unused factory/commercial land because parking lots make for flexible space to site new buildings and the existing building may be structurally able to hold new stories adding height adn densoty to make the common house expenses more affordable.
      Thinking about these solutions too, in Hamilton, Ontario. Susan Noakes

    • Dear Joe, I, too, live in Montreal. I just left a message on the Quebec Regional contact page. Have you gotten together with others in Montreal? I would be most interested in discussing this further. I just read Lyndsay Green’s latest book on this subject: “The Perfect Home for a Long Life: Choosing the Right Retirement Lifestyle for You”. I plan to recommend it as the basis for starting a Study Group on this topic in Montreal at the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning, Spring 2014 but I would be interested in joining any such group that already exists.

      • Ni Hao Marlene;

        I actually live south of the city in Huntingdon, near the New York border. Not very much a techno-whiz, I hadn’t known that there was a Qc contact section? I’ll try to have a look, but if you have any more interesting info, or hear of a group getting together in Mtl area to discuss alternative senior living arrangements, I would like to participate. Here’s my phone number, if needed: (514) 900 – 7542,

        Thanks for writing,

      • Hi. I’m also in Montreal, and very interested in these initiatives. It’s an idea I had on my own, and I’m delighted to hear there are others here with the same thought. Please connect with me, I’d love to be part of this.

    • Wow! This is my first time here; I am so delighted to find like-minded folks who are using these ideas and core principles to create living realities for the lucky individuals currently living in such communities. In the video, one resident was quoted as saying that “this is an ideas whose time is coming.” Actually, I think this is an idea whose time has come!
      I live in Southern Ontario and am a founding member of a non-profit organization whose goal is to support and facilitate the creation of similar communities, wherever they are needed and wanted by people!
      Our initial focus is on creating an intergenerational rural community, designed for seniors of all abilities; where people live in individual eco-homes that are clustered together, with a central building for community space and activities….like you said Joe, a setting where residents can avail themselves of the healing power and beauty of the natural environment. As was articuated, this isn’t for everyone but I believe that it is definitely want some people will want.
      I am very interested in hearing about similar rural projects. And especially those with an environmentally sustainable approach.
      All the best in all our endeavours!
      Tian M. Butcher
      feel free to contact me at tian.butcher@gmail.com

  5. That video was a tantalizing taste of what I would love to have available. I need to be connected to others in some meaningful way. Where or maybe I should ask how can I access others in Winnipeg to find out if there are others to get something happening.

  6. Readers might like to know about a book that is being launched in Canada that discusses various options for housing ourselves as we grow old. In Halifax Northwood reBoom is hosting the author for a launch on May 30th at 7pm at 2615 Northwood Terrace in the Harbour Lounge. Here is the link to the Facebook Event page. https://www.facebook.com/events/201353920012989/?fref=ts I’m hoping a conversation will start there that will lead to some groups forming to start planning for a radical change to how we house ourselves as seniors along with those we love and who love us.
    Pat Kipping

  7. Yes, yes, yes! About time! I own a property in the beautiful setting on the river Trent, in the picturesque Trent Hills area and the Kawarthas lakes area, in Southern Ontario. And I bought the property, years back, with this in mind: to share it with an akin small group of people. The old school house, attached to the bungalow where I live occasionally (I still work in Toronto) would be perfect for a radical retirement home. If anybody is interested, please let me know.
    Marisa Comoglio
    Toronto, Ontario Canada

    • I am a retired teacher with a wide range of skills acquired from a wide range of travels and life experiences. I am 73, (Aug 1) still in good health and after 7 years here in Richmond BC living alone, I am looking for a stimulating, congenial living arrangement which will allow me to share my skills and challenges in a mutually beneficial exchange. I have a steady income which allows choices and even a little charity when I know the recipients personally. Lush living is not my goal, learning and teaching are. I have even prepared a pamphlet with an intro created to start the necessary discussion. Available by snail mail or scanning, I am not a techy. Looking forward to thoughtful, creative replies.

      • Hi Margaretjane: Thanks for your introduction. I am 60 this year, a retired psychotherapist, a renter on quiet, beautiful, artsy Denman Island and have not quite enough money to buy and maintain a place here. I actually do not want to have my very own place, for many reasons, so am seeking other radical folks who want to co-create an alternative. The red tape involved is daunting! I am open to a tenants in common legal status, which has been very successful for two 25 year old land groups here and on Lasqueti. Love to to hear from all, Esther Muirhead

      • Hi Margaretjane,

        My friend in Tsawwassen and I have been talking generally about intentional communities for some time. She is a counsellor, still practicing, and I am a retired lecturer in English, life coach and writer. I will be getting together with her next week and would like to take your pamphlet with me so we can look at it together.


    • Hello. I am interested
      I am 64 and currently work in long term care.
      Don’t want to end up there myself as it would kill me.
      I own a house in Toronto (well paying mortgage).
      Being a country girl at heart I’m looking to retire out of the city, but be close enough to be available for my son.

    • I’m interested!
      Hello Marisa. My friends and I were once discussing the purchase of The Guild Inn with a view to starting a similar type community. I am going to write to Iris Kairow as well, and find out about the meeting in September. Perhaps we can meet there. I work in Toronto, am a legal assistant in a criminal law firm. I sing in a choir (for fun) and take yoga and tai chi. When my teacher was unavailable he would ask me to teach the class. I have done other ‘healing’ work and would love to continue with those types of interests on a more full time basis …
      I look forward to hearing from you. I love the Kawarthas, I love the water, being a Pisces!

    • I’m keen to meet Ontario’s BabaYagas. I live in Hamilton at the moment but I used to live in Peterborough-Kingston-Ottawa areas for many years. Please let me know when we might all meet and explore what we think our future house might look like. Thanks, Susan

  8. Just heard story on CBC! At 61, I have a deep fear of ending up in some shady
    institution like the ones we hear about where abuse occurs. A great weight lifted
    and a vacuum filed with hope that I may find myself someday in such a safe and
    rewarding environment where I will be able to continue to give back to society,
    learn, share, help and be helped instead of being lost, forgotten and discarded.
    Suddenly the future appears brighter, we are on the cusp of genuine revolution.

  9. I heard a rebroadcast of the Baba Yaya House in Paris this morning and was impressed. I’m a senior, living on my own , female and in terrific health. My working days strength was in financing so I’d be able to help in budgeting etc.areas. Personally, I think it’s a wonderful idea. I continue to live in my own home but like the idea of community with my own private quarters.

  10. Just asking to join makes me think I’m doing something to kickstart a shared home with my friends. We’ve talked about this idea for years. Thank you for articulating our ideas.

  11. Heard about this group from CBC repeat b/ cast on rest homes.
    We are enduring the increasing dementia of my wife’s mother and the inadequate callousness and intransigence of Alberta health care and Wildrose nursing home managements.
    Irrational and callous rules, medically induced diarreah, mixed up prescriptions.
    Thank you

      • next meeting is Tus Jan 21, 2014 at OISE Baba Yaga Place.
        here is a meetup site address:

        Baba Yaga Place Toronto

        Toronto, ON
        54 Members

        We are a group of Toronto women who would like to meetwith other like-minded people who are looking at housing options for themselves as they age.We are inspired by a model…

        Check out this Meetup Group →


  12. Just heard about this on CBC. I live in northern BC and am talking about this very situation with a female friends. I will be keeping a close eye on this blog. Thank you.

  13. I’m in White Rock BC and have been discussing co-housing/intentional communities with a friend in Tsawwassen. We are both dealing with disabilities, and are exploring ideas around a co-housing model that would include hiring caregivers (possibly live-in). We’d be very interested in hearing from others in the lower mainland of BC with similar interests.

  14. Listened, with interest, about the Babi Yaga in France. Great Idea. I have entertained similar ideas. I live, on my own, in north end of Okanagan (Enderby). Moved up from BC coast after retirement. Very much like living up here. Am interested in a rural group residence. A number of country properties available which are not too far out. Prefer not to use Facebook or Twitter and hope there is an e-mail vehicle for discussion. Gerry

  15. I presently live inRichmond BC and after 7 years I have yet to find a more congenial geography and climate. I am still healthy at 73 but find that I do better with human contact available, ideally, mixed gender. I have a mixed bag of experiences, from my start in Toronto on to farm life in Italy after constructing (hands on) a 10 room home there. I am a retired school teacher, world traveller, mother, divorcee,many hobbies and a student of Humanity as seen in my travels. I have prepared an introductory questionaire type pamphlet with the thought of living in community, but I am stuck at this point. My gypsy life has given me friends of great vitality but they are not gathered in one spot. Suggestions on how to proceed most welcome.

    • Hello, I moved up here from Nanaimo, after retirement. When asked why I did such a thing, I reply, “The three C s, climate, culture and cost of living. All are nicer up here. Not too cold and not too warm. Gerry

      • I am interested in your non-use of twitter etc. I enjoy reaching out to possible like minded individuals, but everyone seems a slave to these devices and I am paranoid about monitoring and algorithms. They have not served me well so far. I am a person who does what my imagination suggests and so I often act alone since I find noone to share with. So far, so good, and I have no regrets. My successes I celebrate publicly and my failures with a few friends. None have left scars, just lessons learned and generally useful for another time.

      • Yes, I prefer not to add my info into one of those word machines. E-mail and Google suit my purposes just fine, thank you.

    • Hello Margaretjane
      i am wondering if your pamphlet was available? i am 52, working still full time as a RN, living in Vancouver. I am interested in trying to form some community living arrangement, which might include my daughter, aged 25, who has moved back in, and my dogs. i love to garden, hoping to do more to become more self sustaining. love to can and make meals to share.

      i do not own property, and am somewhat concerned about my future! I think some type of cohousing mode would be ideal, but i think getting a group together to share ideas would be awesome!

      sharon m

    • Hi Margaretjane (great name by the way!)
      Gypsy-like myself, now living in my home province of Ontario, after 15 years in BC, I am working on community-building here now, and I am quite curious about your “questionaire-type-pamphet”??
      Would you like to share?
      Kind regards,

  16. I’m in my fifties, still working toward a small pension, living the single life in my own condo in Victoria BC. Not really a ‘sox and sandles’ kind of person but I’m really interested in the co-housing model. The structure that the Babba Yagga movement have established would be more my style than the ‘commune’ of the 60’s. I love the idea of establishing a community where each individual lives independently but has the security of a group as well. I’m looking to connect with like minded women (men too?) on Vancouver Island to begin to cultivate ideas toward this common goal. Needless to say, retirement is at least 10 years away for me, but I’m thinking seriously about my future and the goals I am setting for my retirement years now. Connect with me at aswood1@shaw.ca if you’d like to talk about organizing a group.

  17. I am 63 and have been thinking about this topic ever since my husband died and I retired 5 years ago. I live in a large house in the country and initially thought that I should downsize and move to the city until I found out that it would cost me $1,400 per month more to live in a condo in town.I am now working on bringing women with a similar lifestyle and income to live with me so that we can stage support for a group. insted

  18. I heard about the movement on the radio CBC today it was very interesting and I like what they did in Paris .france I would like to know more about the movement thank you

  19. I am 65 this year and very very interested in joining with like minded souls in BC. I have the energy and commitment and hopefully am “young” enough to see this grow into something I Can use for myself. WHile I have relatives in Ontario, my heart belongs to BC and the environment here. Would love to hear from anyone else who is similarly interested. Baba yags – yeah!!!!!!!!! SHaron

  20. I also heard the CBC story and liked what I heard. we live on our boat on the Fraser River right now. My hubby is older than I by 9 years and though in good health, I do understand that he could GO first. With that in mind, this idea of a Radical Rest-home, I would be on board once the boat life was not sustainable for me alone. Cheers all ;-D

  21. Whenever I click on the Regional tab – I get nothing. Does anyone know how to connect with others in the same region? I am in lower mainland Bc, Coquitlam, and looking to start the process by email to others. I’m 65 – determined to keep living with pets, and have moved so often that friends are scattered, not local. If you too want to start a regional discussion, please email me at the address below.

    • I am in Richmond and at 73 find this world a real challenge, too. When you press reply, an opening box appears and you fill in your comments. At the top of this info you will see several words which will lead to BC info. They are on the right side in blue. Good luck!

      • hi margaret jane!
        i wrote you some time ago. i am interested in hearing more about the pamphlet you have developed! i am beginning to think about what my retirement will look like, and felt excited about the babayagas! would love to hear more of your thoughts and ideas!


  22. Hello. We love this concept and what you are initiating. A small group of women had been meeting in Victoria, discussing some kind of ageing-in-place home. Our little group is ‘on hold’ at the moment but if there are any women in the southern Vancouver Island region interested in the idea, please feel free to contact Dorothy and Diana at 604-876-1465 or eliasd@shaw.ca or dsmith2006@shaw.ca.

    • Hi Diana
      There is a prof at UVic who is interested in starting a VRC in James Bay. She is on study leave in California but I am sure would be delighted to hear from you. She might even be back now. We are both going to a VRC conference in St Louis in November. Her name is Debra Sheets and her email address is dsheets@uvic.ca



      • Hi Sharon
        A VRC is a virtual retirement community – check out beaconhillvillage.org or google village to village network for lots of information about how they work. Basically, services of various kinds are provided to people as they age where they live, so they don’t have to move to a “real” retirement community with 4 walls.
        Hope that helps.


  23. It’s lovely to read about the many possibilities that are surfacing; I imagine lots of wonderful connections being forged and it makes me wildly happy!

    I’m in my late 50s, retired, and living in eastern Ontario. Though it’s been home for a long time, this isn’t necessarily where I want to live out my days, although it could be, in the right circumstances. As I age, I think more and more about how to continue to live independently, ideally as part of a supportive, like-minded community. The Baba Yaga House captured my imagination!

    Would love to keep tabs on how things evolve across the country, as well as to connect with others in my area that want to talk further about making this happen locally. You can get in touch with me at pferdewolken@gmail.com

  24. I am a seniors housing consultant in Vancouver with millions of ideas, thoughts, questions, positions, uncertainties etc etc etc about seniors housing and health care issues. We are working on 3 virtual retirement communities here in BC (check out beaconhillvillage.org or village to village network.org for info on VRCs), a concept I think has great promise for the future. We are also developing two multi-unit buildings with non-profit organizations that will operate in conjunction with VRCs. We post on FB regularly about housing and other seniors related issues (we are at Terra Lumina Life Lease on FB) and are keen to broaden the conversation and explore new ideas and approaches.

    • Hello; I live on my own in north Okanagan where cost of living is less than many other places. Good climate and many recreational possibilities. My thoughts are tending toward a rural location. Below are some considerations. I think group living has many advantages. Gerry

      Rural Co op Residence Considerations

      Number of residents desired
      President, accountant and secretary decided upon
      Capitol investment & monthly expenses required
      Procedure for opting out
      Is workable farmland required?
      Is cropsharing available to achieve farm status?
      Create land-owning corporation? (best tax advantage)
      Buy within hi-speed & cable service area
      Locate where medical practitioners & services are available
      Municipal water, or well?
      Single dwelling or individual houses?
      If individual; trailer, mfg houses or built on location?
      Single septic system if municipal sewage not available
      Guest residence built, and owned in common
      Farm implements owned in common
      Personal skills made known at inception
      Labour & financial responsibilities made clear
      Amenities (barbecue, patio or deck, pool, hot tub, cable, atrium, etc)
      Future project & aims discussed
      Solar power?

      • These are excellent concerns that I would never have thought of. My concerns have more to do with personality and emotional needs for sharing. This means finding common values and prioritizing issues which need compromising. It can be tricky.

      • Yes, I really do agree. We all carry our past history with us and the experience of these lives can be helpful or an albatross, mostly a combination. Finding enervating, positive and sensitive populations for a successful group home, I’m sure, would be like walking through a minefield. I do believe, however, that if the conforming requirements and vision of such an enterprise were worked out as best as possible at the start that most candidates could keep in mind and modify their “rough corners” enough to play a positive part in a joyful and loving manner. Without this optimistic foundation, I feel that such an enterprise is doomed or required to go through hard times before success. Gerry

      • hi gerry –
        clearly you’ve thought about the issues –

        Rural Co op Residence Considerations

        Number of residents desired
        President, accountant and secretary decided upon
        Capitol investment & monthly expenses required
        Procedure for opting out – could be considerable investment by members / we must be able to settle differences and allow for withdrawal
        Is workable farmland required? – physical activity is required for health for most of us but will diminish as we age / should we be looking at farming / gardening?
        Is cropsharing available to achieve farm status?
        Create land-owning corporation? (best tax advantage) – we might actually be better off to build an ‘eligible small business’ as described in BC’s Small Business Venture Capital Act – which generates a 30% tax credit (refundable in cash to investors) http://www.bclaws.ca/EPLibraries/bclaws_new/document/ID/freeside/10_390_98


        Buy within hi-speed & cable service area – agreed
        Locate where medical practitioners & services are available – agreed
        Municipal water, or well?
        Single dwelling or individual houses? – my wife and I would probably prefer individual houses (heck – we might even prefer 2 separate residences for ourselves)
        If individual; trailer, mfg houses or built on location?
        Single septic system if municipal sewage not available
        Guest residence built, and owned in common
        Farm implements owned in common
        Personal skills made known at inception
        Labour & financial responsibilities made clear – agreed / as people age they might not be able to meet labour responsibilities – how is this handled?
        Amenities (barbecue, patio or deck, pool, hot tub, cable, atrium, etc)
        Future project & aims discussed
        Solar power?

      • Love to see the conversation develop especially about such a good idea. Have you investigated Chaparral Industries in Kelowna. My house (Google maps 8-300 Cliffview Lane, Enderby ) is one of their twenty year old designs. Well built, 2 X 6 construction, well insulated, easy care, 1200 sq ft. For people preferring individual residences I suggest these could be a candidate. Gerry

      • l like your list – but could we put “pets allowed/encouraged” as number one?
        I live in Coquitlam and am considering all options as I look to my future.

  25. . I am nearly 81 live in my own home. I hate to pay single suppliment when I travel. I play chess, play at pottery and am learning woodwork ,&read any old thing. . I would like to winter Jan or Feb in Mexico. Need a travelling buddy to share expenses. Many buddies also OK. , Male or female makes no odds to me . Live in Vancouver BC

  26. Hello Marissa and Iris
    Perhaps we should communicate on the Regional section for Ontario so we don’t have to scroll through so many replies ….although I am open to living in a different province ….

    Iris I was wondering about the September meeting, as I saw another post about a meeting on the Danforth in Toronto on August 25th. That was on the Ontario Region blog. I only have access to the computer at work and unfortunately had not looked at the Ontario blog until today.

    I am interested in any future meeting. I work in downtown Toronto and live at Davisville and Yonge.

    Do you (or anyone) know of the outcome of a meeting that was scheduled for August 25th?

    And Marissa, I think your place sounds wonderful!

    • Thank you Jean for your prompt reply. Please keep me posted for the next meet. Still trying to decide what to do with my place. And yes, it is quite peaceful and with many possibilities. Talk soon. Marisa


  27. Just turned 60 and have been thinking about co-housing for a long time. This spring I ordered a wonderful book from University of Texas Press called “Independent for Life” (just lent it to David Gutnick). I am in Montreal and have been starting conversations with 40, 50, 60-year-olds about living together. I would like to converse with other Montrealers about this. Thank you for this blog.

    • Hi Myokyo;
      I too am interested….I’m 64, live in Huntingdon south of Mtl, and have been considering returning to the city, wishing to become involved in a co-housing or co-op group.I’ve attended Co-Habitat Montréal’s info meeting. It’s a group developing co-housing for all ages, but the location is yet to be deternimed.
      I am in the USA just now, but would be interested in discussion your ideas once I return in mid-September. My phone number is : (514) 900 – 7542

      While I’m visiting family in the USA at present, I would enjoy discussing your ideas once I

  28. I have been interested in this for a long time. I live in Ottawa.
    I would love to continue this conversation with people interested in the Ottawa area, preferably living in an urban setting, downtown so that we could live without car dependency. My email is Judiths13@gmail.com. I am just retired and living in my own home downtown Ottawa

  29. An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a coworker who was conducting a little homework on this.
    And he in fact bought me breakfast simply because I discovered it
    for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thank YOU for the
    meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending the time to discuss this
    matter here on your internet site.

  30. RareBirds Housing Co-operative as another radical project!
    We are a group of nine adults, singles and couples, who are in the midst of construction of a shared co-operative home in downtown Kamloops, BC. We anticipate completion of construction in February 2014 We describe our project as an ‘intentional community’. We will share expenses and live co-dependently with a common kitchen, eating and living space as well as private bed sitting rooms. We are structured as an equity housing co-operative.

    Our mandate is to provide co-operative housing designed to lessen our environmental footprint, share resources and living costs, provide social enrichment and community support and to showcase another model of interdependent living. Our website is http://www.rarebirdshousing.ca/ or you can also find us on Facebook for photo updates on construction or more info about our project.

  31. Rarebirds Housing Co-operative, Kamloops BC story in a nutshell:
    We are a group of nine adults, singles and couples, who are in the midst of construction of a shared co-operative home in downtown Kamloops, BC. We anticipate completion of construction in February 2014 We describe our project as an ‘intentional community’. We will share expenses and live co-dependently with a common kitchen, eating and living space as well as private bed sitting rooms. We are structured as an equity housing co-operative.

    Our mandate is to age in place, provide co-operative housing designed to lessen our environmental footprint, share resources and living costs, provide social enrichment and community support and to showcase another model of interdependent living.
    You can see updates on our ‘radical’ project and get more info at http://www.rarebirdshousing.ca/ or find us on Facebook. We appreciate learning by exchanging stories with other projects in shared living or co-housing.

  32. HI All: While I am still in my fifties I have been working with others on a number of concepts and plan variations in our area of Manitoba the benefits to the kind of community living that we envision here is gigantic.
    If anyone is wanting to do concept planning and design using local materials, having the greenest footprint possible, minimal operational, costs, almost no maintenance on the structure, potential for multi generational mortgages (ie: very low rents ), will not burn down, is sound proof among and the like please let me know. The technology is being used every day but only by people interested in making money. thx doug

      • HI Judy n All: Where I am matters less to me than to you. I can often provide guidance, contacts, background info, design and process info and the like to get you going where you are. Nice thing about the internet – easy to share volumes of info quick and cheap. Get a group of people together, organize and plan around getting dirt (property), how large a structure and with how many people then how to finance-raise the capital…. there are lots of ways to do this well. Once you have a site secured and some working capital then I can point you to the next steps of design and build. Good luck.

      • Greetings; It is great to see your thoughts and intentions coming to life. I would like to add that one of your initial priorities, along with location and construction, might be to establish a code of conduct or behavior requirements for potential residents. I suggest that the emotional and behavioral traits of members are essential to the success of any group effort. People need to know what personality traits are required of them, living in a collective as they are. I’ve seen failure because this procedure was not put in place and/ or monitored. Gerry

      • HI Gerry n all: While I agree that there should be a manner with which each site will deal with its personalities and traits, my feelings have always been that the best way to deal with this issue is to have enough of them built that people will be able to “choose” which one to live in based on its internal characteristics, services, policies and lifestyles…. essentially – the nature of its nurture – people. At our age most of us have figured out how to get along but I want more – being able to choose my friends would be necessary for me as I could do most of it on my own. It would be easy to be content with the result of building one, hiring help to manage the place, renting the rest and living rural with my dog. Having choice is good but will we get off our behinds with enough vigor to make it happen or simply sit around and hope someone else is going to do for us. So far I have met very few people whom sit on the ‘lets do board’… most sit on the ‘lets wait for someone else to do’ then jump in when most of the work is done or try and change things later to suit their needs. Both major players in my area who would do this and put the time and resources into it to make it happen are not interested in living here year round or retiring here. Like most people in cold northern climates (minus 40 3-5 weeks/yr) they feel like visitors not residents and that brings about a whole other series of things to deal with in my world as most people here simply want to get away as they get older and are not content with the idea of being here almost all of the time – until they need medical care.

      • Hello; My colour of thought, though shaded a bit different than yours, is very similar. I agree with your findings. During my working life I lived on Vancouver Island but, after retirement, moved up here to the North Okanagan. I have found that the; culture, climate and cost of living are quite a bit more favorable here than there. Colleagues who still live on the island pay around twice as much as I do for the necessities. After the divorce the best house I could find was in Enderby, but, I think, Salmon Arm, or thereabouts, is about as good as a person in our situation could find. You can find other comments of mine in the BC section. Good luck to you, sir. Regards; Gerry

    • It is even harder finding people with the vision or needs to do these kinds of projects! Some of the stuff that I (we) have worked out is so out of the box people dismiss it without a thought but can you imagine a multi generational mortgage where your rent or mortgage payment is half (or less) of what you now pay and you are living in a new fire proof, sound proof, truly green building, that costs 80% less to heat and cool than anything out there. Even better, get a group of people together who can pay average or normal rates starting at 55-60 years old – when most kids leave home- and by age 70 they are all making a good income on the developments that they co- own and operate and own their units outright. A fantasy to most people … someone will start to do it some day and leave the housing industry and most people in the dust economically. We have to start consuming responsibly if we are at all concerned with quality of life in the future. The solutions exist already with todays technology and materials. Someone just has to do it.

  33. We have started a group in Winnipeg, made up of women considering co-housing as a retirement living option.
    A few years ago, I wrote an article on the topic for Herizons magazine that was later picked up by the UTNE READER. (UTNE Reader at http://www.utne.com/politics/radical-retirement-communities-rising.aspx‎ ) I got a lot of emails from across the US and Canada or people interested in creating their own intentional community by living together and sharing expenses. Any women in Winnipeg interested in joining, we’re on MEETUP under co-housing or email me at beverlys46@hotmail.com

  34. They have partnership with different home building suppliers like Sunroc
    to provide quality materials at competitive prices.

    If time or trust leads you to leave the shopping to your builder, require clearly understandable receipts be placed in your hands and take the time to read them.
    I honestly don’t understand why able-bodied baby boomers who are
    building don’t have the foresight to incorporate Universal Design into their

  35. I am from East of Montréal, a french-speaking man. I am interested in the concept of sharing a place with other older people. I have some friends with this preoccupation. Is there a group with this interest in my district?

    • Pour l’instant, on n’a pas les groupes française mais je travail sur cette option. Je garderais votre adresse couriel et je vous avertirais quand les groupes commencent. Janet

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